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Lets clarify some things

That last entry was writen before I went to camp, not after. I saved it and put it in so I could know how I felt. I was going to put it on the day before, but it didn't work.

It seems like you look at this. and know what i say.

I had a great time tonight. A great movie, with a great date.

I got to be with you.
That is a great night.

You are a great lady

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Why do you do this?

I love the fact that you called me. because you know we wont see eachother for 4 days. But when you call and add on a stupid tone it really does piss me off. Why would you end a conversation like that? I WONT SEE YOU UNTIL 4 DAYS! I did miss you. Now I wish camp lasted for a year.

Kid I don't know, I think after we spend those 10 days together it is going to make or break it. This is getting really old really fast. You do not do the shit you preech to me. Let me ask you something, when was the last time we hung out with my friends? I know part of it is me. But when I am going to a Pistons party why do you not come along? Why do you not miss something with your friends to be with me. Because guess what, I do it all the fuckin time. I miss tons of shit to be with you. Why? Because I want to be! I WANT TO FUCKING SEE YOU!

And now you just piss me right the hell off. I can't stand it any longer. I sent you I think 4 e-mails in the past 2 days. I bet i get 1 shity one. And if I do, don't expect to see me when I get home the first couple of days. Because guess what? I wont want to see you.

I know you get fuckin pissed and I know that you get mad. But all the damn time? Everytime I see you it is like something new is wrong. Please, stop the stupid shit.

Fuckin just get over it. And do the damn stuff you preech like aol messages. I even will click your name to see if you have come back, why, because I know you wont. And I have to make sure you came on. So that I can be pissed.


and I never swear...You make me that mad

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and then two days after that great night, you ruin it once again.

You get so mad and so angry at little things.
And then you say oh I wish I was a guy so that I didn't have girls complain. GUESS WHAT?! You are a girl and you do bitch just like girls do!

And want to know why I am never mad? Because if I have a problem I do not bring it with me to sulk about. I will talk to you about it, but never sulk or think about it. Time with you is precious. I care about that time and want to make it great. And so I don't bitch. I might later, but I like to be in a good mood.

What happened to that promise of letting things go? Did you just let that promise go?


And tonight you amaze me.

I guess this lyric is true, "it's always better when we're together."

I had a great time tonight.

When I am with you nothing is ever wrong.

Every thing that buged me just floats away.

I guess things just keep poping into my head

Remember when I came to Bre's, our 7 month. I wasn't sappost to even be there. But I came, and you didn't really do anything. Then I had to walk back to my car to get my suit and you walked with me and gave me a hug.

But then Colleen walks in, who is sappost to be there. And you get up right when you see her and jump into her arms.

Sometimes I just do not get you.

I wish I did.

Again this changes nothing...I just wish I knew what went through your head sometimes.

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This journal isn't ment to be fancy or nothing, it's just so I can let some things out.

I just wonder sometimes if you feel like I do. Would you do some of the things I do for you?
I feel I drive so much and do so many things, and you do not.

Will you drive to see me tonight? no
Would I drive to see you tonight if I didn't have plans? In a second

Don't give me gas. I know this. I have to deal with this. I understand. But don't think that I get it for free. I have used so much money on you. And maybe when we first went out I spoiled you. I don't know. But now I feel like you expect me to do things and I get nothing in return.

You always bug me about messages, and say it dosn't bug you when you have none. You never send me any it seems. You get on for 20 minutes and send me maybe 2. Or sometimes none at all.

Why do you expect so much out of me, and not think I don't expect it from you in return.

This is all talk because I still like you so so much. And that wont change for awhile.